Wellington's iconic bakery, whipping up great treats for the past 25 years


Welcome to a taste of Arobake

Firstly it’s all about the food.


Eating is a central part of daily life. For generations families have gathered around the table, their daily lives busy with the preparation
of food and the joy of celebrating together.


At Arobake we also place the emphasis on the centrality of food - good baking, family and feasts. Embracing traditions from over the ages as well as our own.


Whether it’s breaking bread amongst friends or settling down with something sticky and sweet I believe it is important to take time to appreciate and celebrate family, friends and good food.





Maximilian Fuhrer     

Shop hours

Monday - Friday 7am till 5.15pm
Saturday 7am till 3.30pm
Sundays and all public holidays - doing what you should be doing, having a break :)

Large cake price list


Arobake Mini Christmas mince pies

A great gift for your friends,
family or team

A Wellington bakery, Arobake is located in Aro Valley, just off the top of Willis Street.


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Sweet & citrus

Makes you smile

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