Arobake - A work in progress

When asked what's the reason behind your success, what's your secret ingredient? I use to reply it is a bit like Kung Fu Panda - the secret ingredient is me! But I tell you what I have such an amazing team around me and it's all these talented people that make Arobake the thriving success it has become - Maximilian Fuhrer.

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Our beginnings

Arobake was established in October 1989 as a small bakery in Aro Valley, these were humble beginnings taking over a failed health food bakery, it was pretty rough but the whole family chipped in and we scrubbed the place up.


Our founder

After completing an apprenticeship at Barends Patisserie Max headed to Switzerland to further his training...

Our team

Front of House, Cake & Pastry, The Bread Bakery, Delivery, and The Back End.

Together we are Arobake a well oiled machine ...

Arobake was established in October 1989 as a small bakery in the iconic Aro Valley and celebrates over 28 years of successful baking ....