Mini Christmas mince pie

Christmas mince pies

The perfect gift for friends and family, or impress your clients or staff with this stunningly packaged award winning Christmas mince pie. Packed with a spicy, sherry-soaked fruit filling and wrapped in a butter sweet pastry. 

Arobake's Christmas Fare

 Great for gifts, stocking fillers or for that festive gathering you have planned.


Weihnachts Stollen

A rich yeast-risen cake, this rum steeped, fruit filled wonder is immersed in melted butter before we roll it in sugar. It's Christmas, indulge yourself.

Chocolate shortbread christmas trees.jpg

Chocolate Christmas trees

Chocolate shortbread, chocolate topped Christmas trees 5 per pack

Vanilla crescents.jpg

Vanilla Crescents

The Jem of the Shortbread world, yes we bury these little jewels in icing sugar when they are hot and dig them out when cold to create these sugar encased almond and vanilla sensations.